Yvelines: life imprisonment for the “expert in masculinity” after the murder of his ex-companion killed with 80 stab wounds

Mickaël Philétas, youtubeur describing himself as an “expert in masculinity” and “seduction”, was sentenced to life imprisonment, this Wednesday, January 25 in Versailles, for the murder of his ex-partner, killed by 80 stab wounds in 2020 in the Yvelines.

Zumba teacher, “expert in masculinity” and “virtuoso of seduction”. Mickaël Philétas, 41-year-old youtubeur, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday January 25, for the murder of his ex-partner by 80 stab wounds, in January 2020 in Ecquevilly, in the Yvelines. The sentence is accompanied by a security period of twenty-two years.

He was convicted of murder, attempted murder of the victim’s new boyfriend, and attempted murder and sexual assault under threat of the victim’s sister.

Throughout his interrogation by the court during the trial, the accused had invoked his right to silence, before speaking only to express his “shame”, when his lawyer had asked to explain his posture.

“What is there to defend? How could I dare to defend myself?” he said. A silence that caused enormous frustration among the relatives of Mélanie, the victim. Leaving court on Wednesday, her mother welcomed the sentence. “We wanted the most serious sentence and we got it,” she commented.

Earlier this Wednesday, the Advocate General had pointed to a “savage crime”, pressing the fact that the premeditation was “no doubt”. His requests were followed.

an outburst of violence

On January 29, 2020, Mickaël Philétas went to the home of his ex-companion, to find out if she had been dating someone else since their breakup, which occurred a month earlier. On the spot, the young woman, mother of a little girl, was in the company of her new boyfriend, but also of her little sister, aged 23 years.

He had then carried nearly 80 stab wounds to his ex-companion. His death was pronounced on the spot. The other two had also been stabbed about thirty times. Fortunately, they had been rescued in time. The convict had even forced the sister to undress in an attempt to abuse her, before hitting her. After fleeing, he was arrested the next day, in the Rhône.

The investigations had also reported a previous conviction for violence against a former companion, in 2015. He had received a suspended prison sentence.

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