YouTube now has its own “Tudum”

YouTube unveils a signature sound like Netflix’s Tudum and details the entire creative process.

Youtube has created its own signature launch sound, with a little animation, in the style of Netflix with its “Tudum” and the American giant has decided to detail precisely the entire creation process in a new blog post. This sound has already appeared in the YouTube app on TVs, it plays every time you launch the app.

YouTube Unveils Signature Sound Like Netflix’s Tudum

The platform has delivered a lot of details regarding the design of this sound, carried out in partnership with Antfood, a creative audio studio. The idea was to offer something ‘human’, ‘connected’, ‘expressive’ and ‘attractive’ by combining a variety of sounds. You can hear it below:

Each portion of this sound creation has its own name, such as “deep dive”, “upward development”, “melodic signature”, “tactile movement” and “sentimental harmony”. There has been a lot of thought, and money, no doubt, in this project. For example, YouTube explains that “Sentimental Harmony” is a seventh-of-a-kind chord that “represents how YouTube lets you explore everything you love.”

and details the whole creative process

This all sounds great on paper, but how can it look good in three seconds? Admittedly, it’s quite pleasing to the ear, but perhaps not as memorable as Netflix’s “Tudum”. The animation that accompanies the playback of the sound is, for its part, well executed, but quite flat, ultimately. This could still evolve, however.

YouTube also didn’t give this signature sound a catchy name like Netflix did, just referring to it as the “YouTube sound”, and come to think of it, it would be pretty hard to find a onomatopoeia that could match easily. Either way, YouTube explains that sound and animation will appear “more in the coming weeks and months.”

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