Your supplementary pension increases on November 1, here is the expected increase

Unions and employers meet on Tuesday, September 27 to negotiate the revaluation of the supplementary pension for private pensioners. Here are the issues.

What is Agirc-Arrco?

This organization pays 13 million private pensioners each year a total of 80 billion euros in compulsory supplementary pensions. Weighing 35 to 65% of the pension, it is added to the basic pension.

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Why are we talking about it again?

Because unions and employers, who manage Agirc-Arrco, are currently negotiating the percentage of annual revaluation, applicable on November 1. The agreement in force provides for an automatic revaluation, based on the progression of the average salary (4.8%). Added to this is a 0.1% catch-up compared to last year. That is a total increase of 4.9%. On average, the direct entitlement pension paid by Agirc-Arrco amounts to €491 per month. A revaluation of 4.9% would therefore represent an average monthly gain of €24.

Can the regime afford such an increase?

Yes. Job creations bring contributions into the coffers. So the plan should be largely in surplus in 2022, like last year. As for the reserves (68 billion at the end of 2021), they exceed the threshold, set by the social partners of 41 billion, corresponding to six months of allowances. So much so that the unions want to go a little beyond 4.9%. This is what we are going to propose during the negotiation”, declares Yvan Ricordeau, of the CFDT.We can go up to 5.1 or 5.2%”, calculates for its part Pascale Coton, of the CFTC. Up to 5.4%”, adds Michel Beaugas, from FO. But for that, it is necessary to modify the agreement in force. It remains to be seen whether the employers will accept it. This will be the subject of a meeting on Tuesday 27 September.

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