“You refused to shake hands with Jordan Bardella”: tense debate with Mathilde Panot and Olivier Véran on pension reform

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Mathilde Panot (LFI), Jordan Bardella (RN) and Olivier Véran (Renaissance), were invited to debate Tuesday evening on the set of BFMTV, with obviously at the heart of the exchanges the pension reform project carried by the government.

The executive has been under pressure for more than two weeks and the presentation of the pension reform bill by Elisabeth Borne. In recent days, a theme weighs particularly in the arguments of the opponents of the project: that of women, whom they say are among the big losers of the reform as it is proposed by the government.

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Since the beginning of the week, the executive has been trying to extinguish the controversy, even though the Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, Franck Riester, conceded that women were “a little penalized”. Enough to allow the left to rebel against a project that it presents as being “anti-women”.

The subject was thus widely discussed during the debate held on Tuesday evening on BFM TV between Mathilde Panot, Jordan Bardella and Olivier Véran. “It’s a reform that is anti-women,” hammered the leader of the LFI deputies. “When a minister himself admits it, that women are going to be penalized” by postponing the legal age, “then that is a good reason to withdraw it from this bill”.

“My colleague said a huge bullshit”

“You are very uncomfortable because you say to yourself” my colleague said a huge bullshit and we will have to row on the sets to try to get out of it “”, added the MEP from the extreme party. right, while Olivier Véran assured in response that all the ministers were “aligned”. “Don’t try to put corners,” he insisted.

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Like Elisabeth Borne a few hours earlier at the National Assembly, Olivier Véran listed the benefits expected for women in this project, in particular the fact that they will be 60% beneficiaries of the revaluation of small pensions to 1,200 euros gross . “You just have to understand that the 1200 euros are there to make you swallow the pill”, protested Jordan Bardella, stressing that they would only concern people who have had a full career at minimum wage. “From the start you explain to the French that they did not understand this reform, that they are too stupid to understand,” said Mathilde Panot for her part. “People have understood very well what you are doing,” she added.

“Never a party like the others”

The exchanges were particularly lively throughout the evening, with some moments of tension, which began even before the debate started, especially at the time of the handshake. “We noticed that you refused to shake hands with Jordan Bardella”, commented the journalist of BFM TV for Mathilde Panot who replied to justify herself that she considered that the National Rally will be for her “never a party like the others”.

“Did you shake hands with Mr. Véran?” Asked Jordan Bardella. “No, but I say hello, I said hello to you too,” retorted the leader of the LFI at the Assembly. “So you don’t shake hands with anyone, to bring together a majority of French people it’s going to be very complicated,” he concluded.

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