World Cup | United States – Wales: Gareth Bale responds to Timothy Weah and saves the point of the draw (1-1)

The United States and Wales are not very advanced. While England crushed Iran, the other two applicants to leave Group B left good friends (1-1). Attractive in the first period, the Americans took the lead thanks to Timothy Weah. But the second act was Welsh and it was Gareth Bale who allowed himself to reset the counters. An eventual winner would have taken a clear advantage over the other, but Group B will ultimately offer more suspense than expected.

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For the first confrontation in their history in the final phase, the United States and Wales exchanged courtesies. For 45 minutes, we saw great things from Team USA, the second youngest team in the World Cup. Facing the Welsh who were very, if not too, wait-and-see, they played the game, putting their foot on the ball trying to get around the opposing block. The Americans would have even deserved to score earlier, but Wayne Hennessey was there to prevent Joe Rodon from scoring against his camp (9th) and Josh Sargent was unsuccessful in finding the post on a stung header (10th).

Each his half-time

The United States was able to count on a Christian Pulisic of the big nights. Very available, the Chelsea player never stopped making differences, and it was one of his accelerations in the axis that allowed Timothy Weah to open the scoring. The striker showed his composure to deceive Hennessey with a sharp, materialize the good performance of his team and unlock the counter of his family (1-0, 36th). After a one-sided first half, we wondered how the Welsh would react.

Faced with the recklessness of the Americans, Wales had a lagging match. Upon returning from the locker room, Gareth Bale’s teammates were much more enterprising, finally displaying an opposition worthy of the meeting. They could have equalized more quickly, without a tap from Matt Turner on a header from Ben Davies (64th).

As often, it was Bale who put on his savior costume, obtaining then transforming a penalty, in force (1-1, 82nd). A release for the Welsh, silent in the World Cup since 1958. With the cramps of each other, the end of the match almost turned into chaos, but the two nations remained afloat. To the delight of England, the real winner of this draw.

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