woman’s body found in fridge, suspect charged and remanded

In the refrigerator were found the corpse of a dog and that of a woman, killed by gunshot to the head.

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The body of a woman was found in a refrigerator on Saturday September 17 in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes), indicates the parquet floor of Grasse in a press release Tuesday, September 20. Analyzes have yet to be conducted to confirm her identity, but investigators suspect femicide. A 32-year-old Dane was charged and remanded in custody.

On Saturday, two men are doing a favor for one of their friends by transporting his refrigerator which no longer works to the recycling center. They install it in a van, take the road but note that a strong odor emerges from it. They want to figure out where it came from, but can’t open the fridge because it’s padlocked, so they call their friend to find out. He tells them he killed a dog and put his body inside. The two men decide all the same to break the padlock and discover certainly the corpse of a dog, but also a human body. They immediately notify their lawyer and then the police. The judicial police of Nice are immediately seized and go to Antibes to seize the van and transport it to the Forensic Institute of Nice. The analyzes will conclude that the woman was killed by shooting a firearm in the head.

The two men, unfavorably known to the police, were placed in police custody but were released in less than 24 hours, the elements of the investigation showing that they were telling the truth. At the same time, their friend’s home was placed under surveillance and he was arrested the next morning, September 18, and placed in police custody for murder. At his home, the investigators found the body of a puppy in his freezer, as well as numerous loaded weapons and narcotics.

This 32-year-old Dane, already sentenced to a 4th class fine for mistreatment of an animal, is fully criminally responsible, according to a psychological examination. During his hearings, he gave no explanation.

He was brought before the Grasse prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, before being presented to an examining magistrate. A judicial investigation is open and he has been indicted for “spousal homicide”, “possession of category B weapons and ammunition”, “possession of narcotics” and “serious abuse or acts of cruelty to a domestic animal. , tamed or captive resulting in death”. The suspect was remanded in custody.

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