Why Victoire Rousselot’s participation in Miss France 2023 is a historic first

The 27-year-old dental assistant, who is one of the sixteen candidates for the title of Miss Alsace 2022, could not have participated in the beauty contest without the evolution of its rules. Explanations.

Among the sixteen candidates in competition to try to succeed Cécile Wolfrom as Miss Alsace on September 10 at the Parc Expo in Colmar, Victoire Rousselot is at the center of all attention. Thanks to the evolution of the rules of the Miss France contest, this 27-year-old young woman has the distinction of being the first mother to try her luck. In previous years, participants must not be, or have been, married or in a civil partnership and must not have children.

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Among other major upheavals in the selection criteria for the Miss France competition, the upper age limit has been removed and women over 25 are now admitted. The opening to transgender candidates has been confirmed on the condition that the marital status is mentioned as female. On June 19, Andréa Furet will thus be the first transgender candidate to participate in the Miss France contest during the Miss Paris 2022 ceremony. Only the size has been maintained at a minimum of 1.70 meters without heels.

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“Of course I am a mother and I am married, but above all I am a free woman”declared Victoire Rousselot during the presentation of the sixteen candidates for the Miss Alsace 2022 competition. This 27-year-old dental assistant lives in Barr in the Bas-Rhin after having lived several years abroad, in the Republic of Congo and in the United United. “It is important to me to prove that it is possible to combine professional career and family life by being the first Miss mother and bride”she wrote on her Instagram account.

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