Why real estate credit will be more accessible

According to Crédit Logement, loan production – excluding loan buybacks – fell by 20.5% in 2022 over one year. 511321705/Wasan – stock.adobe.com

DECRYPTION – Over the past year, the cost of a mortgage has increased every month, rising from nearly 1% to 2.34% on average, all durations combined.

The French accustomed to bad surprises in terms of mortgages in recent months will be able to breathe. They should soon have easier access to borrowing. Bercy on Friday approved a proposal from the Banque de France, aimed at “better smooth the rise in the rate of wear», the all-inclusive rate – credit, insurance, fees, etc. – beyond which a bank is not allowed to lend. This limit is fixed according to the effective rates practiced by the banks increased by a third. From 1er February, the updating of this threshold will take place “exceptionally” every month and no longer every three months, until 1er July included.

The measure may seem technical. It is actually very concrete. In normal times, this ceiling – 3.57% in January – limits the increases that banks can apply. But for the past few months, it has been blocking access to credit for a growing number of customers, in particular the less good profiles, who are paying their credit…

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