why four representatives of Nupes were invited for the legislative debate on France 2



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Four representatives of the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union out of ten political leaders were present on the France 2 set on Thursday evening. A situation which is explained by the rules set by Arcom.

Many viewers have wondered. Why were four representatives of Nupes – Ian Brossat, Olivier Faure, Julien Bayou and Adrien Quatennens – invited on Thursday June 9 to participate in the special program “France 2022” on the legislative elections? Opposite, there were only two representatives of the majority, Olivier Véran (LREM) and Isabelle Florennes (MoDem), two representatives of the center-right coalition, Brigitte Fouré (UDI) and Charles Consigny (LR), and two from the far right, Jordan Bardella (RN) and Guillaume Peltier (Reconquest!).

“We were obliged by law to invite four representatives of Nupes, because Nupes is a young alliance, which is only five weeks old and before you were each in your lane”explained Léa Salamé, who presented the program with Laurent Guimier, director of information for France Télévisions. “This are the rules set by the Audiovisual Communication Regulatory Authority (Arcom) which, since we are organizing a debate, asks us to fairly distribute the speaking time and the participation of the representative formations”continued the latter, indicating that the speaking time depended on the score in the presidential election and the number of deputies in the previous legislature.

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