“Who hasn’t been under the influence of a narcissistic pervert one day?” : Mylène Farmer “upset” and in “black anger”

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Mylène Farmer confided in our colleagues from the Sunday newspaper about her new album entitled “Emprise” which will be released on November 25.

Mylène Farmer, icon of French song, recently announced the upcoming release of her new album entitled “Emprise”. Throughout her new compositions, the famous singer evokes a theme “which has imposed itself” on her.

A “universal” theme

“This theme imposed itself on me outside of any topicality. Who has not crossed the path of a so-called perverse narcissistic person? Who has not been under the influence of such a person one day? C It’s a theme that upsets me and puts me in a black anger”, she declared to our colleagues from the JDD.

Mylène Farmer also explained that the theme of influence seemed “universal” to her. “There is a form of control in all areas where free will, free thought, is undermined,” she said. His new album will be released on November 25.

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