Which are the best ranked airlines in terms of safety? (Air France in the top 20?)

Every year, the specialized site Airlineratings.com establishes a ranking that assesses the safety of airlines. Here is the result.

385 airlines have been screened by the specialized site ‘Airlineratings’. The site’s editor-in-chief, Geoffrey Thomas, explains the methodology of his survey: “Our editors have analyzed accidents over 5 years, serious incidents over two years, audits by aviation governing bodies and the main associations; fleet age and expert analysis of pilot training“.

Air France is not in the Top 20

Reading the results, it is better, to travel serenely by plane, to avoid European carriers. The best airline in Europe is 6th with TAP Air (Portugal). It is Qantas (Australian company) which rises to first position, thus becoming the safest airline in the world.

No low cost airlines in the Airlineratings.com ranking

Note that Transavia, Ryanair or easyJet (low cost airlines) were not selected for this study. Six fatal plane crashes in 2022 claimed the lives of 174 passengers and crew.

Here is the TOP 20 of the ‘safest airlines in the world in 2023’:
1) Qantas
2) Air New Zealand
3) Etihad Airways
4) Qatar Airways
5) Singapore Airlines
6) TAP Air Portugal
7) Emirates
8) Alaska Airlines
9) EVA-Air
10) Virgin Australia/Atlantic
11) Cathay Pacific Airways
12) Hawaiian Airlines
13) SAS
14) United Airlines
15) Lufthansa/Swiss Group
16) Finnair
17) British Airways
18) KLM
19) American Airlines
20) Delta Airlines.

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