what products are neglected by the French?

published on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

Faced with inflation, many French people have changed their consumption habits, buying less certain products, reports the specialized institute NielsenIQ.

Inflation, which stood at 6.6% in August, now weakens twelve million French households, or seven million more compared to December 2021, reports the firm NielsenIQ. Rising prices have become the primary concern of French people, many of whom have changed their consumption habits.

“They have paid more attention to their spending and are looking for promotions to preserve their purchasing power”said in a press release Nicolas Léger, director of analyzes at NielsenIQ.

In mass distribution stores, 21% of sales concern products on promotion. Another consequence of inflation is that consumers have given up on certain items.

Falling fruit and vegetable purchases

According to data from the firm dating from mid-August 2022, families have reduced their purchases of alcohol (- 11.4%) and cleaning products (- 6.9%). Food products are also affected by this change, with a drop of 12.4% for fish, 10.6% for butchery, 9% for cheese and 8.8% for fruit and vegetables. NielsenIQ explains this trend by the “back to the office” and “the possibility of returning to the restaurant”. In comparison, the year 2021 was more marked by the health crisis.

With the heat waves of this summer, certain product purchases nevertheless increased, such as misters (+ 129%), ice cream (+ 31.4%) and flavored waters (+ 23.9%). “Summer has boosted the consumption of seasonal products”, analyzes Nicolas Léger. The turnover of beers also exploded, with an increase of 32.2 million euros during the summer period.

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