What is trypophobia, this disorder caused by Doja Cat’s dress at the Schiaparelli fashion show?

Haute couture week opened on Monday January 23 with the traditional Schiaparelli fashion show, and one thing is certain, the show inspired by “Dante’s Inferno” left no one indifferent. Just like the dress and the beauty of the American rapper Doja Cat, installed in the first row, which would have triggered an anxiety disorder in many Internet users: trypophobia. Explanations.

Four hours and fifty-eight minutes. That’s how long Doja Cat’s look for Schiaparelli’s Spring/Summer 2023 haute couture show took, according to famed makeup artist Pat McGrath. Surprisingly, it only took a few seconds for the said outfit to make the rounds of the internet, and arouse the surprise – and sometimes the indignation – of users of social networks. And the reason is all the more unexpected as it is directly linked to an anxiety disorder triggered by the dress and beauty exhibited by the famous rapper: trypophobia, in other words the fear of small holes.

Anxiety and tachycardia

Identified in 2005, trypophobia would therefore result in a panic fear of small holes, as can be seen in the lotus flower, a honeycomb, or the outfit worn by Doja Cat at the start of the week. “Trypophobic people feel bad in front of images or objects with holes or small geometric patterns very close to each other: a sponge for example, a honeycomb or even soap suds”, specifies the service of Qare teleconsultation. Adding that about 15% of the population were affected by this disorder, including 20% ​​of women, and that it could result in anxiety, nausea, headaches, chills, or even tachycardia .

As a result, barely posted on social networks, the photos of the American rapper have caused reactions from all over the world. “I’m developing debilitating trypophobia right now”, “Pray for people with trypophobia”, “It’s so hard to watch for us who suffer from trypophobia”, “How people around her don’t have vomit… My trypophobia is triggered”, can we read under the pictures of the star published on Twitter. Comments which, if they salute the remarkable work done to achieve this look, bitterly regret the effects induced by such an outfit.

A true work of art

As we have seen, Doja Cat’s dress and beauty are the result of exceptional work for an equally exceptional result that is more a work of art than a simple fashion look. “What a pleasure to work with the stunning Doja Cat and the amazing Daniel Roseberry on the ‘Doja’s Inferno’ look for Schiaparelli’s haute couture collection. Doja’s incredible patience over the 4 hours and 58 minutes it took to create this look, which was covered in over 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals, was inspirational. The end product was a magical, mesmerizing masterpiece of brilliance,” Pat McGrath commented on his Instagram account. .

And one thing is certain, the rapper did not go unnoticed during this show which nevertheless caused a lot of talk… Not because of trypophobia this time, but life-size animal heads worn by certain models – and certain guests , like Kylie Jenner. A choice that the Peta animal rights association denounced in a press release.

“Anyone worried that these dresses glorify trophy hunting – a perverse practice of a minority group not heavily involved in the world of high fashion – should spare a thought for the animals who actually suffered for this look and for the countless sentient beings who are confined, mutilated, abused and killed for fashion”, can we read there in particular.

Inspired by “Dante’s Inferno”, this spring-summer 2023 haute couture collection made particular reference, through these leopard, wolf and lion heads, to the animals of “The Divine Comedy”.

For its part, the Schiaparelli house simply indicated on its Instagram account: “No animals were harmed in the realization of this look”. Still, this parade, the first of this week devoted to haute couture, has already caused a lot of ink to flow, and provoked various and varied emotions that definitely left no one indifferent.

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