What is Sochaux playing with Florentin Pogba?

Author of two full seasons at Sochaux in Ligue 2 (62 matches), Florentin Pogba (31) clearly wonders about the rest of his career. The former defender of AS Saint-Etienne, who also passed through Turkey and MLS, has a good offer from abroad.

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If the brother of Paul Pogba is inclined to accept it, he is currently blocked by the Doubiste club which does not intend to let him leave one year from the end of his contract. At the same time, Sochaux refuses to extend it as an internal club source told us. Faced with this grotesque situation, the Guinean international is starting to lose patience and could go into a clash with FC Sochaux … who did not need this after the open conflict between Omar Daf and the club’s CEO, Samuel Laurent.

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