what has become of Colibree since the filming of Who wants to be my partner?

In the fourth episode of Who wants to be my partner? broadcast this Wednesday, January 25 on M6, Mélanie and her company Colibree aroused great enthusiasm from investors. She looks back on this experience to Tele-Leisure.

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She couldn’t believe her eyes! This Wednesday, January 25, Mélanie Slufcik, founder of Colibree, participated in the fourth episode of Who wants to be my partner?. His idea: to connect young people under 30 and elderly people living alone through an intergenerational cohabitation platform. Her passage was a real success, the entrepreneur having managed to arouse the enthusiasm of Delphine Andre, Jean Pierre Nadir, Anthony Bourbon and Eric Larchevêqueready to invest in their business. “We dream of this situation! We hope it will happen but we have our feet on the ground, we know it won’t happen“, testifies Mélanie, questioned by Tele-Leisure. “Delphine André had very touching words and Anthony Bourbon understood what I was looking for when he talked about the brand“, she reports. These are the reasons why the entrepreneur proposed to these two business angels to join forces.

Three investors for Mélanie (Colibree) from Who wants to be my partner?

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Delphine André agrees but Anthony Bourbon refuses this offer. “It’s a shame for him, he didn’t understand our values ​​like sharing. His return was only beneficial because he would have given a brand position to Colibree with quality work but it lacked this sharing value which is essential for me.“, emphasizes Mélanie Slufcik. Faced with this end of inadmissibility, Jean-Pierre Nadir again positioned himself on the file, in association with Eric Larchevêque. “When you are lucky enough to be in front of these investors and several make you a proposal, the best result is to create this synergy between them.“says the entrepreneur who then suggested to Delphine André to join the pair. “Jean-Pierre can help me on the website, Eric on technological technicality and Delphine can open up her network to me and give me confidence as a woman entrepreneur.“, she shares.

Who wants to be my partner? : a new investor for Colibree

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Has Mélanie seen her three investors since the end of filming? “Yes, we talk regularly. They are very caring, I did not expect them to make themselves so available. They open up the field of possibilities for us to find answers together. It’s pretty hot“, she raves. During her time on the show, Colibree had 6,000 registered users with 1,000 matches made.”We are at more than 8,000 users and 2,000 matches made today“, applauds the entrepreneur. In addition, another investor has positioned itself alongside Delphine André, Jean-Pierre Nadir and Anthony Bourbon, while the company is in the process of applying for the seed loan from BPIfrance and the loan from the Centre-Val-de-Loire region Thanks to the media exposure provided by Who wants to be my partner?Colibree will take flight more easily.

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