Weather: violent storms, cumulative rain… what to expect for this weekend in the south of France?

A stormy rainfall episode should affect the south of France from this Friday evening and all weekend.

Announced since the beginning of the week, a stormy episode will hit the south of the country this weekend, due to a depression coming from the Iberian Peninsula. This episode of heavy rain, sometimes stormy should start this Friday evening and fade away by Saturday evening. The amount of rain revised downwards makes meteorologists say that it will not be a mediterranean episode. Find out what to expect for this weekend.


It is on the chain of the Pyrenees that the first storms should declare themselves. In OccitaniaMétéo France forecasts “Thundershowers” around Tarbes and Toulouse.


The bad weather will move‘east of France to reach the PACA region. In the morning, “stormy rain” are announced around Marseille, again according to Météo France. In the evening, the stormy phenomenon should reach Corsica.


Sunday should offer some lull even if thunderstorms can break out in the South-East: in the PACA region and in Corsica, as indicated by La Chaîne Météo on its site.

Not a Mediterranean episode

The forecasts are nevertheless less alarmist than at the start of the week. Indeed, the stormy rainfall phenomenon that will affect the south of France cannot be qualified as a Mediterranean episode. “The duration, which is quite short (48 hours) and the accumulations, revised downwards, do not correspond to this terminology from a meteorological point of view”explains The Weather Channel. To speak of a Mediterranean episode, the accumulations must indeed reach 200 mm in 24 hours. This weekend, these could reach 50 to 90mm around the Cévennes and the Pyrenees, 50 to 80mm in the PACA region and Corsica.

Heavy stormy rains are expected from Friday evening and especially Saturday in the southeast, but will circulate fairly quickly with moderate accumulations. It will not be a “Mediterranean episode” in the meteorological sense of the term u26c8ufe0f Here are the average accumulations envisaged this WE u2b07ufe0f

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) September 22, 2022

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