Victim of incest, actress Corinne Masiero, gives herself up: “It is under cover of love that you are attacked”

Invited by France Inter this Monday, September 19, actress Corinne Masiero, particularly known for her role in the series Captain Merleau, confided in the incest she suffered.

She wants to “lift the veil” on a subject that is still too often taboo. Corinne Masiero will testify in the documentary “Incest, say it and hear it”, which will be broadcast on France 3 on Monday September 26, indicates Europe 1. She will talk about the sexual assault she suffered when she was 8 year.

This Monday, September 19 on the set of France Inter, the actress justified her choice. “Because it’s important to speak out, because it’s important to take part in projects and films like that of Andréa Rawlins, because speech is the spark that makes things happen afterwards.”

“There are two words that I hate, it’s love and family”

In very raw terms, she also recounts her ordeal: “A little girl jumping on her knees, her hands wandering, her sex hardening…”

“It is under cover of love that you are attacked, she continues. When we start to caress you, it is physical (…) you start to get wet, and you say to yourself ‘ah bah then it’s what I wanted too” and you become ashamed because you think it’s your fault. Two words I hate are love and family.”

At the microphone of France Inter, Corinne Masiero analyzes incest under the social prism. “The only time when there is equality between social classes is at the time of incest: it affects everyone, equally, everywhere.”

“In all families we are confronted with this, she insists. Because we see in the pubs, in what we see on TV, at school, people who have power. is always white men who do what they want with the others around. In the family, it is the patriarch”.

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