Vendée: extension, move, new shops… what will change at Les Flâneries in 2023

The Intersport store will move to the former Mr Bricolage. ©PAD

views from the sky, strolls look like a snake. A long, sinuous body posed at the northern entrance to The rock on yon.

A “visionary” construction, designed by Claude Benatier in 1996, which houses the largest shopping mall in Vendée.

Five million visitors flock each year to one of the 54 shops served by a 600 meter long mall.

Attendance is “up 33%”, rubs his hands Tugdual Rabreau, president of Atom group and new patron of Les Flâneries (see insert below). Ideal for starting the renovation of the liner which is approaching its thirties.

Intersport instead of Mr Bricolage

To bring the Flâneries on one level into the 21st centurye century, Tugdual Rabreau and his associates wanted to start work.

The file was entrusted to Héloïse Perrault and Frédéric Periot from the Sablais firm Periot Sustainable Architecturedesigners of the head offices close to Cougnaud and RCM.

The transfer of Intersport to the former unit of Mr Bricolage will mark the start of the construction site. Cramped in its premises, the sports brand will take possession of the 4,300 m2 located at the head of the gondola, at the southern entrance to Les Flâneries.

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Intersport is one of the locomotives of the gallery with Fnac. The brand is also one of the first tenants with the optician Afflelou.

Tugdual Rabreau, president of Atom group

“A return to the podium”

With this move, the store is aiming for “a return to the French Intersport podium”, after having been demoted to the top 10 in recent years. Its opening is scheduled for mid-March. »

An extension will be built on the materials yard at the back of the former Mr Bricolage.
An extension will be built on the materials yard at the back of the former Mr Bricolage. ©PAD

As for the former space of 2,500 m2 occupied by Intersport, it will be split in two. “Negotiations are underway with several brands. »

One thing is certain, the Spanish leader in ready-to-wear Inditex (Zara, Bershka, Stradivari…) is not part of the negotiations. “We still do not discuss with these people”, assures Tugdual Rabreau.

On the other hand, two requests are being processed and two others have been validated by brand committees.

Two new cells and a food-court

Another novelty, an extension will be made on the materials yard of the former Mr. Bricolage. Two cells will be set up : one of 1,200 m2 dedicated to textile and another of 2,800 m2 dedicated to home furnishings.

“We will work in complementarity with Pascal Vallot (Via Volta). The delivery of the extension is scheduled for the second half of 2024.

At last, a 900 m food court2 will take place in the gallery. With seven spaces reserved for culinary specialties: burger, pizza, sushi…

waffle factory and the JR Brewery of Tarek Tarrouche, already present, have taken an option for the boxes fitted out in September 2024.

A 900 m2 food court, with seven specialties, will be set up in the shopping mall.
A 900 m2 “food court” with seven specialties will be set up in the shopping mall. ©PAD

There too, “no competition” with the neighbours, assures Tugdual Rabreau: “Our idea is to be complementary and to work in synergy with Mc Do, Buffalo Grill, Hyper U, the 3 Brewers to offer a wider offer on the entire commercial area. »

And thus “consolidate our position as leader in the Vendée “.

Vendée investors

Behind the Sablais Tugdual Rabreau, president of Atom Group and new boss of the Flâneries, there are 90 investors from Vendée or from the south of the Loire. For most of the clients of the Yonnais wealth management consulting firm Cimea Patrimoine, headed by Jean-François Boudaud. “We succeeded in bringing together a group of investors, backed by Foncière Magellan, approved by the AMF (Financial Markets Authority). This allowed us to structure our project. “After discussion with Maxime Brison, director of BHG Conseil, contact was made, in the midst of Covid, with the Benatier family in October 2020. “A period marked by uncertainties in the banking environment and the change in habits of consumers. It was necessary to reassure investors who thought that everyone was going to go online. After a return to normal, the signing finally took place on June 30, 2022, with handover of the keys on July 1, 2022.

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