Upcoming launch of a new investigative economic media, funded by Xavier Niel

L’Informé, headed by a former digital manager of the magazine Capital, will be available by the end of October.

A former digital manager of the magazine Capital will launch a new online economic media focused on investigation and the scoop, L’Informé, in which the billionaire and press boss Xavier Niel has invested, he announced to AFP on Tuesday. The launch is plannedby the end of October“, specified Gilles Tanguy, former digital editorial director of the Prisma Media group, where he was responsible for the sites of Capital, Geo Where I’m interested.

This media, which its founder wants “free and factual“, will not include “only exclusive information, on companies and their leaders, in all economic fields“. According to Gilles Tanguy, who will be the editorial director, “the team will be made up of economic journalists specializing in the scoop, who will be given time to carry out long-term investigations“.

A dozen journalists have already been recruited, with a target of 15 to 20. Among them, defectors from Capital (Prisma Media group, controlled by billionaire Vincent Bolloré) or Marc Rees, editor-in-chief of the site specializing in digital Next INpact.

A medium without advertising

L’Informé will operate without advertising and on subscription, at 9.99 euros per month. The new media hopes to reach 50,000 subscribers in five years, a threshold “largely sufficient for its balance“.

Its sole investor is the billionaire Xavier Niel, already present in the media with the Le Monde group (which notably includes the daily newspaper of the same name and Telerama), the Nice-Matin group, France-Antilles Where Paris Turf. Without revealing the amount of this investment, Gilles Tanguy claims to have obtained from the billionaire “all possible guarantees of independence, the same as those in force at World”.

According to him, Xavier Niel “has undertaken to contribute the shares it holds in L’Informé to the Fund for the independence of the press, subject to the agreement of the latter», on the same mechanism as «the stake it holds in the Le Monde group“.

Created in 2021 by the businessman, this endowment fund makes the capital paid to the media statutory non-transferable. In addition, a Society of Journalists (SDJ) will hold 34% of the shares of L’Informé. “She will be able to oppose a change of shareholder and will have a right of veto on the appointment of the editorial director.“Explained Gilles Tanguy. “Xavier Niel will not be able to intervene in any way in the editorial line“, he insisted.

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