Unusual. She wins nearly 100,000 euros at the Santenay casino

A regular at the Joa de Santenay casino won the jackpot of €98,428.20 on Saturday, shortly before midnight. She was playing on the “Echo fortunes JJBX” machine when the device “displayed the dream board and triggered the Progressive Jackpot!” “indicates the Santenay casino in a press release.

The Santenay casino points out that a few days earlier, “it was at traditional games that the Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker progressive jackpot” was won. One of the players was able to pocket €19,057 thanks to a magnificent Royal Flush.

A lucky month of September

Finally, the month of September seems to bring good luck to casino customers JOA de Santenay, since “more than 830 jackpots of more than €500 were paid between September 1 and 17”.

Jackpots: how do they work?

The principle of the jackpot is based on the rate of redistribution to the sum donated by a slot machine according to the bets made. This rate is set by the state. It is at least 85%; that is to say that for 100 € invested in a machine, 85 € are redistributed in winnings.

However, the casino can never know when the machine will pay out. Each machine has its own random winning frequency… It’s all about math and statistics. At the same time, the company mandated by the Ministry of the Interior, the Supply and Maintenance Company (SFM), ensures that each program complies and that the redistribution rate is respected.

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