unions plan strikes in January if the reform is maintained

The government plans to present its reform around December 15. An inter-union meeting is already scheduled for that day.

The unions warned on Monday evening that they would decide on a “first date of unitary mobilization with strikes and demonstrations in January, if the government remained propped up on its pension reform project”. The trade unions CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, Unsa, Solidaires and FSU have reaffirmed their opposition to “any increase in the legal retirement age as well as any increase in the contribution period”in a statement released after a meeting at the FSU headquarters in Les Lilas, near Paris.

“The youth, already strongly affected by precariousness, would be strongly impacted by this project”, adds this text also signed by five student movements (Unef, Fage) and high school students (VL, Fidl, MNL). The reform should be presented around December 15. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne reiterated last week her intention to push back the retirement age, on the grounds of ensuring the balance of the system.

Emmanuel Macron’s initial proposal was to gradually push back the retirement age to 65, but he has since said “open” a postponement to age 64 with an extension of the contribution period. “The trade unions and youth organizations have already decided to meet again on the same day of the government announcements”warn the trade unions and youth movements, who believe that “the pay-as-you-go system is not in danger” on the financial plan.

The opposition of the CFDT

“We set a date this evening on opposing the 65th birthday together, if the government confirms them”commented to the press Yvan Ricordeau, national secretary of the CFDT. “There will inevitably be a first date at the time of the official announcement of the reform, in January. And after there will be other dates, which will be built to ensure that the employees (…) oppose the 65 years” and “that these provisions be removed from the bill”added the “Mr Retreats” of the first French union.

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