Uncharted: when Naughty Dog crashes birthday for its own franchise!

Game News Uncharted: when Naughty Dog crashes birthday for its own franchise!

The anniversaries of the most memorable franchises often tend to make us feel old. Uncharted is no exception to the rule since we will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary in two months. However, Naughty Dog seems much more in a hurry than us to blow out the candles.


  • Naughty Dog gets the birthday date wrong!
  • A successful franchise

Naughty Dog gets the birthday date wrong!

Recalling your birthday also means showing that you are still there in a period where you quickly forget everything. Especially in the world of video games, which represents a mini second when highlighted with the life of our dear universe. Since its existence in the 60s, few licenses can claim to have lived more than a decade with several successful opuses to their credit. This is for example the case of Uncharted from Naughty Dog, which should celebrate its 15th anniversary this year:

Sic Parvis Magna — greatness from small beginnings 🧭. UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune was released 15 years ago! Thank you fans for joining Nathan Drake on his fortune hunting adventures.

On its official Twitter page, the studio therefore wants to celebrate the release of the first episode of the release (which gives us a little old fashioned by the way). What is funny to say the least is that the studio itself was wrong about the release date of the first adventures of Nathan Drake.

A successful franchise

Fans of the series know it: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was not released on September 19, 2007 but on November 19, 2007 in the United States, then respectively on December 05 and 06, 2007 in Europe and Japan. The opportunity to fall back on the old anniversaries of the saga, for which a memorial theme was offered to fans of the saga which was accompanied by a message from the former president of Naughty Dog at the time:

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that this would be the first step in an adventure that would span five games over two generations for the entire past decade.

In fact, it must be recognized that the series has sold well since it totals to date 13 million units sold. In any case, Naughty Dog recently launched The Last of Us: Part 1 remake on PlayStation 5. The PC version is expected shortly, as fans are already concocting theories regarding the studio’s next franchise.

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