UFC-Que Choisir launches a campaign to raise awareness among Internet users

With its “I am not a data” campaign, UFC-Que Choisir intends to help Internet users regain control of their personal data. Thanks to the site www.jenesuispasunedata.fr, put online on Wednesday 25 January, the consumer defense association seeks to inform Internet users of their rights: that of accessing the data collected by the platforms, that of knowing what is made, and that of requesting their erasure or rectification.

The site provides digital sobriety advice to avoid many disappointments. For the association, “it is essential that consumers [prennent conscience de] the importance of the data they leave on the Internet and [des] consequences this may have on their lives ».

In addition, UFC-Que Choisir offers a summary tool for analyzing personal information collected by nine platforms, including Google, Facebook, TikTok, Uber and Tinder. The organization begins by directing Internet users to the site of each of these American and Chinese behemoths, in order to download a heavy file containing the personal data collected about them for years – a step that can take from a few minutes to a few days depending on the platforms. Then, the in-house UFC-Que Choisir tool performs a statistical analysis, carried out on the Internet user’s computer; no personal data is downloaded to its own computers, assures the association to the World.

Based on data from a journalist from Le Monde, here is an example of the companies that communicate information to Facebook about its activities when it is not connected to the platform.

The graphs drawn from this data may strike some of the Internet users who will try the experiment. Still, the information that appears is sometimes sparse. During our tests, the exploration of the data provided by Facebook only revealed a graph of the services communicating the largest volume of personal information to the American social network, such as games, media or online merchants. In the case of the Meta social network, you must also select the Json file format on the platform’s download page.

In addition to this tool, the site put online by UFC-Que Choisir allows you to submit a request for the deletion of personal data from certain platforms thanks to its “Exercise your rights” section. Dozens of players in the personal data market are also listed, from whom we can request details of the information they hold about us, as well as their deletion.

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