Two youths killed in car after chase with police

These two young men, from Béganne and La Roche-Bernard in Morbihan, were not known to the police.

Around 3:40 a.m., three police officers spotted a vehicle stopped on the road near the sensitive district of Dervallières, in Nantes. “The two people on board seemed particularly young and their vehicle started at low speed with a seemingly hesitant drive,” said Nantes prosecutor Renaud Gaudeul. Faced with their lack of reaction, the police activated their flashing lights and then their two-tone siren and tried several times to stop the vehicle, which continued to drive at very low speed.

Arrived at a roundabout, the vehicle this time “accelerated very strongly”, at a speed of around 140 km / h, according to Renaud Gaudeul. After taking the exit towards Orvault and Indre, the vehicle entered an upside-down roundabout and continued to drive at high speed, notably crossing the town center of Sautron at more than 100 km/h, detailed the prosecutor.

10 kilometers at high speed

At a road lined with trees in Saint-Herblain, the police reduced their speed to 80 km / h in front of its dangerousness. They then lost sight of the vehicle several times until they realized that it had violently hit a tree in a bend. Upon their arrival, the officials could only note the death of the driver and then of his passenger.

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