Trial of the Millas drama suspended after the discomfort of the bus driver: “This woman owes us explanations for our children”, reacts Fabien Bourgeonnier

Thursday evening, the trial of the drama of Millas which began in Marseilles on September 19, was suspended after a discomfort of the driver of the bus, Nadine Oliveira. Fabien Bourgeonnier, the father of Loïc who died in the disaster of December 14, 2017, fears that the defendant will not return to the hearing.

“Since December 14, 2017, our lives have been ruined by this terrible tragedy that occurred on this level crossing between this school bus and a TER. I will speak today on my behalf as a father who experienced an atrocity and whose son, he received the death penalty without ever having been tried for a crime”explains in a press release Fabien Bourgeonnier, father of Loïc who died in the tragic collision.

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“However, many doubts and questions are unanswered. The past of this driver: her taking of medication and her lack of sleep, her presumed depression. This December 14, the date of the death of her father which occurred in 2009, has she has an impact on the death of our children and did she take the risk of hurting other children during this tragedy?he wrote.

“The fact of saying “we still have a feeling of guilt” Who is she talking about? Many questions, who I know, shock people who have taken sides from the start, to the detriment of the child victims of this tragedy to whom we owe answers. This woman owes them explanations”, he continues.

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“Thursday, we, the families in pain, were present during his hearing. For almost five years, we have been silent, crying in silence and we went to this trial with dignity, without shouting or insults just to know the truth”he reacted this Friday, September 23.

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“But today, in the face of questions from the civil party which are hurting her, she is unwell and must be hospitalized! Are we going to be forced, once again, to undergo all that and have to attend our trial? without his presence? Unable to ask the important questions and receive the answers to which we victims are entitled. Knowing that other experts will testify, who to ask the questions to in this case?concludes Fabien Bourgeonnier.

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