Totally lunar Léa in Star Academy: her ignorance shocks internet users

Since the return of star Academy, Léa treats viewers. The 24-year-old young woman with a strong character is often noticed for her naturalness, her diva attitudes or for the fact of not always behaving as she should with the big names of French song who participate in the lives of the broadcast. But facing Louis, Léa showed a new side of her personality, total naivety and ignorance of the rural world. A sequence that makes a lot of talk.

Léa is one of the finalists of the star Academy. The pretty brunette with curly hair qualified on Saturday November 19 with Anisha, Enola. All three join Louis who was automatically saved by the teachers and the director of this season Michaël Goldman. While everyone is preparing for the final and the last evaluations which will be important because the one who will have the best mark will be entitled to a huge surprise, the students, necessarily a little stressed, also spend moments of relaxation in the famous castle. Vives-Eaux in Dammarie-les-Lys.

And there is a mind-blowing scene that made fans of the reality show laugh or annoy a lot, depending on their point of view. As Léa lounged on the sofa before a new class with her opponents and friends, the discussion turned to the campaign – we take care of it as we can.

The very talented Louis is indeed from Lot-et-Garonne and knows the rural environment well… unlike Léa. The singer who dreams of becoming the next Beyoncé asked her lots of questions and above all showed that she was very ignorant on the subject (in addition to having some serious prejudices). Because for Léa, if you live in the countryside you necessarily know how to milk cows, make foie gras and it is certain that you have roosters. At the turn of this somewhat lunar conversation, Louis explained to him that to live in the countryside, you had to have a permit (it is indeed difficult to do everything on foot). Information that upset Léa who took this statement at face value.

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