to avoid a Navigo pass “at 120 euros”, Belliard proposes a tax on SUVs and an eco-contribution on parcels

The ecologist deputy to the town hall of Paris, in charge in particular of transport, exposed his ways to defuse the “social bomb” represented by the increase in the price of the Navigo pass.

After the increase of nearly 10 euros in the Navigo pass on January 1, Valérie Pécresse, president of Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), the organizing authority for transport in the Ile-de-France region, convenes Monday, January 23, a “Assises of financing” to the period 2024-2030. For David Belliard, it is urgent to find new financing solutions. “If we do nothing, the Navigo pass will not be at 84.10 euros, it will be at 100, 110, 120 euros“says in an interview with 20 minutes , published Friday, the ecologist assistant to the town hall of Paris, in charge in particular of transport. “We are facing a social bomb situation“, he warns.

Firmly opposing a further increase in the Navigo pass, the elected ecologist, who is also vice-president of IDFM, calls for “diversify financing methods, particularly around ecological and redistributive taxation“. In concrete terms, he proposes, for example, “tax SUVs, (…) particularly in the city where they have no use and are very polluting“. “The kerosene tax is also a track“, he adds.

An “eco-contribution of 50 cents per package”

Another of its key proposals, and which is likely to make people talk, concerns the “flow of goods” and “logistic“. The green elected official wants to target Amazon-type e-commerce platforms, which “generate billions of euros on an activity that uses a common resource which is the public space“. He thus proposes the establishment of aeco-contribution of 50 cents per package“. “That’s 180 million euros collected for the financing of our transport“, he calculates, given that “in Ile-de-France, you have a million parcels delivered per day“. He further suggests “the introduction of the heavy goods vehicle eco-tax, which is a very polluting mode of transporting goods“.

Finally, David Belliard calls for a rethink of the mobility payment, paid by companies and which contributes to the financing of transport in the Ile-de-France region. The deputy mayor of Paris would like it to be raised for the “most profitable companies“. He also imaginesa bonus for companies that make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and, on the other hand, a penalty for those that do not“.


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