Three subsidiaries of the Charente group DER liquidated, 80 jobs affected

Regarding Carreira Ventilation, “the liquidation was pronounced on November 17”the date on which the handful of remaining employees of this family business “who was making money before being bought out two years ago”were fired on November 17th. “Of course it’s sad, but it’s also a form of relief”breathes Duarte Carreira, former boss of the SME based in Charente Maritime and became technical director of the DER group after the takeover, “of which almost half of the amount of the sale was never paid to me”, assures the entrepreneur who split a squeaky video on his Facebook page. Denounces to him a bad management of the direction as well as practices “more than troubles”. “It’s a crazy thing, a very, very big file”asserts Duarte Carreira.

A “withdrawn” CEO

Concerning Bixente Energies (ex Vivr’energies, ex Sweetcom) and DER Energies, same intention. Buyers can make themselves known until November 29, after which a decision will be taken at the Angoulême commercial court on December 15.

It’s a crazy thing, a very, very big file.

According to an employee of Bixente energies, this new episode only adds to the bitterness of many of the employees of the subsidiary with a sad fate. Indeed, many of them are full of hope when in April 2021, Laurent Garrido takes over their company (Vivr’énergies at the time) “for 100,000 euros” at the bar of the Bordeaux court. The latter promises to take back 113 of them. More than a year later, nearly half of the workforce has melted. According to our information, Laurent Garrido had withdrawn from the presidency of the group for several weeks, replaced by Denis Bluet, former right-hand man and commercial director of the group. A “game of musical chairs” and an “permanent opacity in organizational charts” denounced in particular by certain members of the CSE of Bixente, post-recovery. We tried to reach Denis Bluet several times, in vain.

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