this scene which was difficult to shoot for Miou-Miou

Dropped, a feminine and effective comedy by Eloïse Lang; broadcast this Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 9:10 p.m., gives pride of place to Miou-Miou. For the 72-year-old actress, filming was not easy. Back to the scene that posed a problem for the actress.

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Dropped, it is a story of reunion. That of two sisters, Rose, light and rock n’roll, and Alice, wiser and responsible. Everything opposes them, except perhaps the pressing desire to cheer up their mother Françoise, left by their father for a thirty year old. During a trip to Reunion, the three women go on an adventure and experience colorful sentimental adventures. The reunion is also that of the two most popular Camilles of French cinema, Cottin and Chamoux, five years later The Gazelles, to embody this funny sibling. The little surprise of the cast is Miou-Miou, as a totally depressed mom. A great comeback for the 72-year-old actress, to (re)discover on France 2 this Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 9:10 p.m.

Miou Miou in Dropped: “At first, I couldn’t do it”

Not easy, this recovery, for the star of waltzers. Despite the heated atmosphere behind the scenes, the actress, still in mourning after the disappearance of her companion Jean Teulé, herself admits having had difficulty with the filming of a particular sequence. In the scene in question, we see her playing dead… in the water. “At first, I couldn’t do it. But since I didn’t want to be overtaken, I found it vexing”, confided the proud Miou-Miou. But after a few rehearsals, Sylvette Herry – her real name – was like a fish… in water: “I practiced and I finally realized that to be able to do the starfish, you just have to relax and let go!”

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Filming of Released: swimming under the cameras

If swimming under the fire of the cameras was obviously not the cup of tea of ​​the actress, it was not the case for everyone on the set. Camille Chamoux even assumes that her favorite scene to shoot was in the water and… completely naked. “It’s just a return to childhood, a little clown who wakes up in the framed mother and who gets naked and throws herself into the water like a crazy kid. And what could be cooler than bathe naked, frankly? An atmosphere cool and feminine that feels good, to the point of being worth Dropped two prizes at the Alpe d’Huez Festival in 2018.

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