This new Peugeot 408 is not at all what you think

This new Peugeot 408 takes the form of a pretty compact sedan. But be careful, there is a little trap.

Peugeot is preparing the presentation of a brand new model in its range, which will take the number 408. As we know, this future Peugeot 408 will be officially unveiled at the end of June and marketed before the end of the year. It will be a “coupé” style family crossover, based on the current 308 platform and cousin models from Citroën and DS.

But here is another new Peugeot 408, presented a few hours ago in China. Surprise, it takes the form of a compact sedan and not an SUV. And for good reason: despite an identical name, this 408 has absolutely nothing to do with the model that will be sold here. It is also based on the old compact 308 and not the current model, with a deep restyling made on the old 408 previously (already) marketed in China. The front end resembles that of our new European 308 and inside, the dashboard is more modern than that of the old one.

Not with us

Remember that Peugeot no longer sells a compact three-box sedan on our market as it did in the days of the 306. This Chinese 408 has no future with us. And now, see you in a few days to discover the 408 of the Old Continent!

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