this new fixed speed camera is enjoying

Municipalities limited to 30 km/h equipped with a fixed speed camera in order to enforce the speed limit are rare. But when they exist, they are not unemployed…

The city of Poissy, in the Yvelines department, in the Paris region, went into Zone 30 at the end of 2021. For months, this new regulations seemed to stand on its own to calm the speed of traffic. Except that, since last August, this new speed limit has also been accompanied by a fixed radar booth, installed at the entrance to the city, which now flashes any driver not respecting this maximum speed of 30 km/hreports the site

behind a shrub

A “vicious” radar, obviously badly signaled, and put back into service on the D190, on a section with far from being proven dangerous, which moreover is installed… in a descent “The fixed radar is installed just behind a shrub shortly after the entrance sign to the town of Poissy and before a car repair center” details A new radar in a city, plague those who circulate there every day, yet already generously provided with repressive devices installed on its roads with three automatic radars.

A low blow

Nevertheless, this new Zone 30 radar has flashed road users more often than in turn since it was put into action, who regularly testify to their anger on the Internet. Tel Coco78, for whom “iIt is not about road safety issues but about a real theft”. A low blow too, if we judge by the extremely limited number of radars installed in Zone 30, since, again recalls the radars-auto site, “the number of fixed speed cameras that flash at this speed are only six in numberthree in Paris, two in Choisy-le-Roi and therefore now also in Poissy.”

Published on 09/19/2022 Updated 09/20/2022

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