“This election is turning into a farce”

“Some people already have their eyes fixed on 2027 and want Laurent Wauquiez to be automatically designated as a candidate for the next presidential election,” says Virginie Calmels. LP/Olivier Lejeune/PHOTOPQR/LE PARISIEN/MAXPPP

EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – His candidacy had been rejected by the high authority of the movement. She judges the party locked.

LE FIGARO.- The Paris court has suspended the inadmissibility of your application. The high authority of the Republicans had judged that you had not resumed your membership in time. Has she exceeded her rights?

Virginie CALMELS. – By issuing an electoral guide that does not comply with the statutes and internal regulations, the high authority exceeded its rights and did not respect fairness between the candidates. We could have admitted a simple error. On the other hand, while my lawyer had replied in detail on the lack of legal basis for the alleged inadmissibility of my candidacy, the high authority did not want to know anything and persisted, proof of a clear desire to obstruct to my application.

Why would there be a desire to dismiss you?

In politics, everyone knows that harsh criticism, attempts to destabilize or intimidate must be taken as tributes to the fact that we exist, even that we bother, especially when some have…

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