this altar boy “stole the hearts” of Internet users

JONATHAN BRADY / AFP The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is carried into the Chapel at the Committal Service for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in St George’s Chapel inside Windsor Castle on September 19, 2022. (Photo by Jonathan Brady / POOL / AFP)


During the Queen’s funeral on Monday, September 19, many “fell in love” with this altar boy.

UK – They fell in love with her auburn hair and golden voice. On social networks, the altar boy singing loudly in Westminster Abbey this Monday, September 19, has become a star.

Throughout the ceremony celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the choir sang psalms as well as the national anthem. As the Queen’s coffin was carried inside the Abbey, the young choristers sang verses, known as “The Sentences”. These verses, taken from Revelation 14:13 of the Bible, have been used at every state funeral since the beginning of the 18th century, details the media. The MailOnline.

If the performance of all the little choristers was all the rage, a little red head stood out with Internet users on Twitter. Videos circulated of the altar boy singing at the top of his lungs and wiggling to the rhythm of the chants.

“I loved that little dull-haired altar boy who sang at the top of his voice in Westminster Abbey,” shared a netizen. Some are “fallen in love” of his face, when others were impressed by his energy. Finally, on Twitter, we are already projecting it in the series “The Crown” which chronicles the life of the late queen.

“I bet Ed Sheeran will play that kid in ‘The Crown.’ »

“I loved that little dull-haired altar boy who sang at the top of his voice at Westminster Abbey. »

“You just gotta love the young altar boy with the indomitable hair #queensfuneral”

“Seriously, I can’t do without this red-haired altar boy who is having a great time. »

“The little red-haired altar boy stole my heart with his earnestness. »

Unfortunately, the identity of this talented chorister has not yet been revealed. It is hoped for him that he will one day be one of the twelve professional singers of the abbey choir, called the “Lay Vicars”, and whose reputation is international.

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