They win 160 million euros at Euromillions: the strange project of this couple from Pas-de-Calais after hitting the jackpot

Helping their children, pleasing their loved ones, buying one or two second homes…

What would you do with 160 million euros? Many people have asked the question. They are just as numerous to have provided the answers to this question. But they are few, really few to have been able to stick actions on their words.

On November 4, a winning Euromillions ticket was validated in Houdain, in Pas-de-Calais. Our colleagues from La Voix du Nord have met the happy owners: a couple in their sixties who had no “until then never won anything”. Winners who wished to remain anonymous but who claim to have received 160,788,895 from the Fran├žaise des Jeux, the sixth biggest win in the history of the FDJ.

But what are they going to do with this money?

They will continue to play

First, help their children, “to please their loved ones” and buy “a secondary house by the sea and a chalet in the mountains”they would have told the FDJ.

The couple also plans trips according to a well-defined method: “To choose the destination, we will spin a globe like in the Loto advertisement of the 2000s”.

Finally, La Voix du Nord specifies that the winners will continue … to play. “I also won 3.70 euros in the next draw; I was very happy”says the husband.

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