They earn 100,000 euros a year at 30… and still decide to change paths

We must prepare the ground before abandoning such salaries Adobestock

TESTIMONIALS – After periods of intense rhythms, they decide to drop out and must bear the financial consequences.

Stanislas Gruau, 35, has made a career in financial institutions. This Edhec graduate started at BNP in stock trading to discover the principle of a trading room. Then, at the age of 21, he entered the process of the graduate program of an American multinational and became a commodity trader in Paris and then Geneva. A “thrilling” job which consists of buying and selling raw materials on the market, with a significant learning curve, which convinced him to stay for many years. ” I was surrounded by a very empathetic management who made me grow. It went very quickly. I quickly received a delirious salary, which is quite exhilarating “says the thirty-something. He became a manager at just 23 years old and received a fixed salary of several hundred thousand euros per year, with equally important variables. A career that would have fulfilled many. Stanislas, however, ended up cracking. A first time in 2012, then in 2016…

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