these simple tricks can very easily improve the WiFi of your Freebox

Did you know: these simple tips can very easily improve the WiFi of your Freebox

If you consider your Freebox’s WiFi to be too inefficient, it’s not necessarily the bxo’s fault and you can easily improve this.

WiFi has become indispensable in many homes. It can connect your smartphone, your TV, even some household appliances and with ever more efficient technologies, can sometimes replace the wired one on your computers. But sometimes, the quality of the signal is lacking, enough to cause some irritation among subscribers. Fortunately, there are tips for Freebox subscribers who want to optimize their WiFi network.

First piece of advice, you should not place your Freebox Server in a confined space or embedded in furniture, or near metal objects. The box should also not be placed too close to the TV and the Player or a sound bar. And even less in electrical or metal meter cupboards. Free recommends placing the server prominently, in the open air and high up, for example above a piece of furniture or a shelf.

You should also know that distance and obstacles reduce the quality of the WiFi signal. We think of thick walls, an aquarium or even a microwave. It is therefore recommended that you try to change rooms or move closer to your Freebox.

Third tip in the event of a weak signal, the operator invites its subscribers to change the WiFi channel of their Freebox, as the latter may be saturated. To do this, just use the Freebox Connect app. It is also possible to choose the automatic mode.

Another tip is to turn off the player of your Freebox with its remote control if you are not using it. This will free up your connection bandwidth. Restarting your Freebox can also be a solution in order to obtain the latest updates and possibly an optimization of your WiFi. For occasional and more demanding uses, a wired connection would be preferable (Ethernet cable).

If the performance is definitely not there, then you can look for a problem and solve it easily with Freebox Connect.

Free’s WiFi repeater

Available for purchase (20 euros) with the Freebox Pop, Delta, Delta S, Revolution and mini 4k offers, the Pop WiFi repeater allows you to extend the WiFi range in all rooms of your home, including the most remote ones. It is suitable in cases where, due to the configuration of your accommodation (floor, distribution of rooms), you experience difficulties to pick up the signal. It is recommended in homes with an area equal to or greater than 95 m2.

The Pop Wi-Fi repeater thus chooses in real time the best access point between your Freebox and your Pop Wi-Fi repeater(s) (AP Steering technology). You can then move from one room to another in your home while maintaining a good signal. The latter automatically selects the best frequency band for each piece of equipment in your home (Band Steering technology).

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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