“There are things that we cannot forgive”: Damien (MAPR) angry, he denounces an act of Pauline

It’s in Married at first sight 2022 that Pauline and Damien met, in Gibraltar. Since then, the two candidates who united in front of their loved ones when they did not know each other have come a long way. But a detail came to disturb the charming brown.

Between Pauline and Damien, it was obvious. Very quickly, a complicity was born between the two participants who quickly described themselves as black cats, because of their many misadventures. But in good times and bad, they didn’t lose their smiles and grew closer. Unsurprisingly, they remained married at the end of the adventure. Very quickly, the lovebirds moved in together. And not long ago, they bought their dream house.

Another of their wishes has come true, that of starting a family. Pauline is indeed currently pregnant with their first child (after having experienced two miscarriages). They are still living a fairy tale in short. But on January 23, 2023, Damien made a discovery which he would have done well, as he confided to his subscribers, in story. As he returned from sports, he found that his dear and tender had prepared a meal for him. “I need to tell you about something very serious. I really thought I had found the woman of my life. But I just got back from sports and Pauline did something very serious. I don’t know if I could forgive him. It’s really very hard because you’re falling from a height. (…) There are things that we cannot forgive“, he says at first, looking serious.

But Internet users were quickly reassured. No (real) drama in the life of Pauline and Damien. The beautiful brunette had simply cut her pasta in half. “But how am I going to make my family she will disown her, where do we cut pasta from please? What am I going to do ? Am I going to eat this?“, he continued. A video to which his wife was quick to respond: “You will cook every day.“That’s a good idea!

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