the three outgoing elected officials in the lead after the first round

Deputy since 2017 and re-elected in 2022, Thomas Mesnier is once again campaigning. Alain JOCARD / AFP

The second round of these elections, provoked after invalidation decisions by the Constitutional Council, will take place next Sunday.

The three outgoing deputies in Pas-de-Calais, Marne and Charente engaged in partial legislative elections on Sunday took the lead after the first round, against a backdrop of strong abstention. The second round of these elections, provoked after invalidation decisions by the Constitutional Council, will take place next Sunday.

In the first constituency of Charente, which includes the Angoulême prefecture, the margin is again very tight (42 votes difference) between the candidate of the presidential majority and spokesperson for Horizons Thomas Mesnier (35.54% of votes cast) and the representative of Nupes, the Insoumis René Pilato (35.36%), after a first round marked by a very low turnout (28.76%).

The key will be the carryover of the RN votes, which gathered 14.8% of the vote on Sunday. In the second round last year, the emergency doctor was ahead of René Pilato by only 24 ballots.

In the second constituency of Marne, comprising several cantons of Reims, outgoing RN deputy Anne-Sophie Frigout comes in first place with 34.80% of the vote (+12.82 points compared to the first round in June). The candidate of the united presidential majority Laure Miller is also progressing, and manages to climb to the second round, with 30.0% of the vote (+8.77 points).

In June, she was eliminated in the first round, her electorate being torn between her and former MP Aina Kuric (various centre), who was running as a dissenter, and has since withdrawn. Arrived third (16.17%), the candidate of the Nupes Victorien Pâté is eliminated. In this constituency, 76% of voters did not go to the polls.

In the 8th constituency of Pas-de-Calais (Saint-Omer and surroundings) the outgoing deputy Bertrand Petit – related to the PS and invested by Nupes, after having presented a dissident candidacy in June – comes very largely in the lead with 46.14% of the votes (+23.60 points compared to June), against the candidate RN Auguste Evrard (23.97%, -3.49 points), in a first round also marked by a strong abstention (70.39%). The presidential majority candidate, Benoît Potterie (Horizons) is eliminated, with a score of 21.17%.

In June, the voices of the left were divided in the first round between Bertrand Petit (22.54%) and the former Nupes candidate Simon Roussel (15.75%), who this time did not present his candidacy. In the second round, the socialist had won with 55.82% of the vote, allowing the left to reconquer this former stronghold, in a department where six out of twelve constituencies had been won by the RN. His election had been invalidated because of the choice of his substitute René Hocq, who was ineligible because he was already replacing a senator.


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