The Socialist Party sinks into crisis

The Socialist Party (PS) still cannot agree on the name of its new first secretary. Sunday January 22, in the middle of the afternoon, the PS confirmed the victory of Olivier Faure, its first outgoing secretary, with 51.09% of the votes, against 48.91% for his opponent, the mayor of Rouen, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. Unlike Friday, January 20, this result is presented as coming from the party’s verification commission, supposed to play the justices of the peace after the vote of the activists on January 19.

But far from ending the controversy, the Sunday press release from the PS gave rise to a new psychodrama. It must be said that Olivier Faure had already raised the spirits by reiterating his victory in the Sunday newspaper (JDD), from Saturday, January 21, while the commission was still in the midst of work. Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol denounced a new attempt to “forced passage”. “I will never accept that democracy is not respected”declared the mayor of Rouen, pointing out the irregularities and “obvious fraud” who had enamelled according to him the vote of the militants.

Since Saturday, the representatives of the three camps – those of the two finalists, and that of the mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin (Rhône), Hélène Geoffroy, beaten in the first round – were gathered at the PS headquarters in Ivry-Sur-Seine to review all the votes department by department. “We had just examined the Pas-de-Calais, when the representatives [d’Olivier Faure] asked for a fifteen minute breakrelates the senator of Paris David Assouline, support of Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. They came back by proposing a different methodology and three scenarios, placing Olivier Faure winning with a result between 50.5% and 51%. » According to him, thirty-eight departments still remained to be examined, while sixteen others had not been validated by the three parties.

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The number two of the PS, Corinne Narassiguin, in charge of the commission, remained evasive on the course of the facts, simply admitting that “some federations [avaient] been studied in greater detail than others.. She also indicated that the current first secretary had called Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol and Hélène Geoffroy so that they ” see themselves “ to prepare for the congress to be held next weekend in Marseille, and “find the way to the gathering”.

The Marseille congress could be bloody

A request to which Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol did not want to accede. “I told him that I was not in the party to support practices from another time”, he justifies. The pretender to the head of the PS asks that the commission continue its work, otherwise he will go to court, he threatens. As for Hélène Geoffroy, behind whom the socialist old guard is placed, Olivier Faure would have simply tried to convince her to dissociate herself from this cumbersome rival, we explain in the camp of the mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin.

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