The RTX 4070Ti at more than 1000€?

This is a card that got off to a bad start. The 4070Ti was born in a bad body, that of an RTX 4080. Aware of the obvious marketing error, Nvidia therefore decided to make it change its genre and that it (re)become an RTX 4070(Ti). But things are not simple and the economy takes back its rights. With a range launched with a high price positioning, what other solution does Nvidia have to position this card which should be launched in the first days of 2023? Well, some leaks suggest that Nvidia will continue in its desire to shoot itself in the foot…

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Current leaks on the price of the 4070Ti indicate that the latter would be positioned even more expensive than its 4080 12GB clone (initially programmed at $899). This leads us to consider a price of 1200€ for a 4070Ti (don’t forget to specify “Founders Edition”). Despite the situation and the numbers that seem to draw a failure for the big RTX 40s, Nvidia has a chance to raise the bar and show that it has understood the message by completely repositioning its range when launching this RTX 4070Ti… Obviously it won’t.

Obviously, a company cannot play with its prices and margins as easily as the customer would like. But if the “new” 4070Ti ends up around 1200€, we think that Nvidia is going headlong into a wall. The opportunity exists to show that the greens are listening to the market and to reposition the entire range. Because by continuing on its original path, Nvidia is condemned to suffer criticism with each release of an RTX 40. If we are entitled to a 4070Ti at 1200€ it seems impossible to see a 4060 at 300-400€.

Nvidia’s choice therefore seems clear: lose a little on its margin after good years or lose a lot in the near future? The answer should come to us at the beginning of January and honestly, even if we often criticize Nvidia, we all hope to be wrong and have a good surprise.

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