the results of the draw for Saturday January 21

Was this Saturday, January 21 your lucky day? Only one way to find out: watch the Loto results announced on TF1. Will you win the 4 million euros at stake?

FDJ reveals the numbers and winnings of the Loto draw for this Saturday, January 21, 2023

This Saturday, January 21, the numbers to win the jackpot of 4 million euros with FDJ and Loto were as follows: The Chance number, meanwhile, was 6.

If you decide to select the alternative “2nd draw” at 0.80 euro, you will have another opportunity to win a nice sum of money by replaying your combination.

The (excluding Chance number) emerged during the second Loto draw. You can also discover the ten winning Loto codes on the FDJ website. They give the possibility of winning 20,000 euros.

Increase your chances of winning with Joker+

Joker+ is a game option that can be added to your Loto grid: it costs 1 or 2 euros and gives you an additional chance to win money. Each time you play Joker+, you benefit from a randomly created number, and you therefore participate in the Joker+ draw of the day.

FDJ: quickly discover your winnings and results in the online Loto draw

If the value of your winnings seems unclear to you, find out from an FDJ point of sale who will be able to tell you and explain the procedure to follow depending on its height.

Play involves risks: isolation, dependence… Call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call), if you want help.

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