“The question of disarmament is a real challenge”

The question of disarmament is a real challenge. Indeed (I see it in another question), in countries where the police are less armed, the level of violence is lower (both from the police vis-à-vis the public and from the other direction). more than “disarmament”, which seems to me a theoretically interesting position but too complex to implement in a country where the police have been armed for a long time, to think in terms of de-escalation. What a lot of research shows is the existence of “spirals” or vicious circles (violence leading to violence, defiance, defiance, etc.). What the British call the hard power trap : the “force trap”.

As a result, it is necessary to think, both for law enforcement operations and for those of daily policing, of professional practices and conceptions of the profession making it possible to break these vicious circles: by explaining police work, by taking steps to appeasement, choosing persuasion. This is an essential and long-term project that involves working on recruitment (enhancing interpersonal skills), training, local supervision, but also more general policies (statement of objectives by minister, general management, etc. .).

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