the Model 3 rival named ID.4 will arrive in 2026

Volkswagen gave more details about its Project Trinity. The German group’s electric sedan will arrive in four years.

Since last year, Volkswagen has been announcing its Project Trinity for 2026. This consists of a five-door sedan in the same segment as the Tesla Model 3. In the meantime, Volkswagen will bring the Aero B to the market, another electric sedan based on on the current MEB platform.

This project will be accompanied by a new factory to develop new technologies. Trinity will be the more affordable evolution of the Audi Artemis, a high-end electric car platform.

Volkswagen has thus confirmed that the future electric sedan will arrive in 2026. It will bear the name ID.4 and will directly attack the venerable Tesla Model 3, which will then have a seven-year career.

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The ID.4 sedan will accompany an evolution of the current electric SUV of the same name. The duo will be in direct competition with Tesla, to also go into the Model Y field.

The VW ID.4 which will be based on Project Trinity will offer two versions, with one or two motors and two or four-wheel drive. In addition, it will offer remote updates in 5G, and level 2 autonomous driving.

The latter represents the set of safety systems and the adaptive regulator. The future ID.4 sedan was rumored to have Level 4 autonomous driving. This won’t be available at launch, but the car will be technically capable of supporting it.

A new way to produce cars

Volkswagen plans to change the way it produces vehicles to become more efficient. Thus, the future ID.4 electric sedan will inaugurate a new vehicle development process.

The car development structure will change to become more integrated within the factories. Until now, VW developed each part of its cars independently before assembling them.

“We are reducing development time by 25%”, said Thomas Ulbrich, director of R&D at Volkswagen. He specifies that this will “to complete projects in 40 months, compared to 54 months today”.

To help with this, Volkswagen is developing its future software, which will equip all of its electric vehicles. This will be called VW.OS, and it will represent 60% of internal development.

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