the mayor of Saint-Etienne goes on leave from his duties at the Metropolis

Gaël Perdriau was heard in police custody on September 13 with four members of his team as part of a judicial investigation.

Gaël Perdriau, the LR mayor of Saint Etienne, “take a step back“And will delegate his functions as president to the Metropolis, in connection with the sextape blackmail affair which has shaken his city since the end of August, AFP learned Thursday, September 22 from concordant sources.

On the town hall side, the 50-year-old elected official also “proposed that the external municipal representations be ensured by its deputies“, According to a press release from the municipal majority. This decision was madein order to ensure continuity in the quality of the work undertaken and the serenity of the institution of the city“, Specifies the press release published before the next city council scheduled for Monday. The same reasons prompted the elected LR to withdraw from his duties as president of Saint-Etienne Métropole: he “remains at the head of the metropolis, but takes a step back“, told AFP its press service.

Thus, he will not chair the next metropolitan council scheduled for September 29 and will no longer perform his duties of external representation, as explained to AFP Christophe Faverjon, the communist mayor of Unieux and vice-president of the metropolis. . “These measures taken must allow the establishment of a temporary management method for the community likely to promote the conduct of cases and an appeasement of the situation.», Specifies a press release from Saint-Etienne Metropole.

Judicial investigation

The image of the mayor of Saint-Etienne has been considerably tarnished by a case of political sextape blackmail, currently under judicial investigation in Lyon. The affair broke out at the end of August when a former close friend of the municipality made detailed confessions to the Mediapart site on a “smearing of mannersSponsored according to him by the mayor and his entourage to neutralize the former centrist first deputy, Gilles Artigues. According to this relative, the operation was remunerated via fictitious services invoiced to two local cultural associations subsidized by the town hall.

Gaël Perdriau was taken into custody on September 13, along with three other members of the municipal team. The Association of Mayors of France, chaired by David Lisnard, then asked the mayor of Saint-Etienne to distance himself from his activities within the AMF where he sat on the permanent committee for social affairs, revealed Le Figaro . Last week, Gaël Perdriau posted his “determinationto remain in office, deaf to the calls of those who asked him to take leave – local and national elected officials, in his camp and in the opposition, but also local economic actors.

Presumption of innocence»

Tuesday evening, in a first gesture of concession, the mayor of Saint-Etienne announced that he was terminating the functions of his chief of staff, under fire from critics because of his alleged role in blackmail. “Pierre Gauttieri, like me and like each of our fellow citizens, benefits from this essential guarantee of democracy which is the presumption of innocence.“, he then said in a press release.

The mayor of Saint-Etienne has always assured that he did not sponsor the sextape where we see the former first deputy being massaged by a man in a hotel room in Paris and he denies having used these images to make pressure on this centrist known for his Catholic commitment.

Mediapart, however, published damning audio recordings in mid-September. We hear Gaël Perdriau talking about this video with his ex-first deputy, evoking a broadcast “in a small circle, sparinglyin a conversation from July 2018, according to Mediapart. “Once it’s on the networks, it’s no longer blackmail, it’s an execution“, he says in another recording dating from November 2017 according to Mediapart.

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