the Insoumis withdraw their texts on Uber Files and Smic

The National Assembly must examine, from 9 a.m. to midnight on November 24, the texts of the parliamentary niche of La France insoumise.

Choices had to be made. A few hours from their parliamentary niche – this day devoted to the examination of texts tabled by a specific group in the National Assembly – Thursday, November 24, the rebellious have backpedaled. Worried about not having enough time to examine all their legislative proposals, two of them were finally withdrawn.

One was to request the creation of a commission of inquiry, relating to the revelations of the “Uber Files” and the role of Emmanuel Macron in the establishment of Uber in France. The other proposed to increase the Smic to 1600 euros, one of the markers of the Nupes group. In recent days, the tabling of numerous amendments by the opposition parties has however made the group fear that time will catch up with it. The Insoumis – denouncing the parliamentary obstruction of their opponents – have therefore chosen to favor more societal subjects, like the constitutionalization of abortion or the very controversial abolition of bullfighting.

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A selection quickly criticized by the other forces of the Hemicycle. On social networks, Marine Le Pen, for example, felt that it said “long on their sincerity on purchasing power and their opposition to Emmanuel Macron“. “A niche is once a year. (…) At that time, it is traditional that we do not rot the niches of each other“, defended the deputy Alexis Corbière, guest on LCI Thursday morning. The chosen one spoke of a “difficult and heartbreaking choice“, and ensured that subjects like the minimum wage remained”a priority“.


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