The incredible blunder of the fuel delivery man at Géant Casino Champniers causes the breakdown of many motorists

A “rare” event

This is the case of Laëtitia, a resident of Puyréaux. Around 1:45 p.m. this Thursday, it refueled at the Géant station. Used E10, but actually filled her tank with diesel. She was still able to leave. “ I was able to take my daughter to Ruffec, drive 40 km, but after that the car wouldn’t start again. Her husband, a mechanic, came to tow her. Then she contacted a garage in the Mountains area, without knowing why her vehicle was no longer working. “ My car has only 5000 km…” The mechanic on the phone was not surprised by his call. And informed him of the blunder committed at Géant. “ Several clients had already contacted him,” said Laetitia. “This can burn out the spark plugs and seriously damage the engine.”, explains the workshop foreman of this garage. “For a tank emptying, it costs 300 to 400€.” But the bill can quickly climb if the engine is damaged.

This can burn out the spark plugs and seriously damage the engine.

This Thursday afternoon, as soon as Géant was informed of the first breakdowns, the pumps concerned were closed. “We got the first calls early Thursday afternoon.”, indicates the direction of the communication. In total, around forty customers contacted the store’s reception. And this Friday, the tanks have been cleaned, they will reopen this Saturday at 8:30 am. When the impacted pumps were condemned “customers could still use SP98, 95 and super diesel”, adds the direction of the communication.

Motorists affected by this problem should contact their insurance. But also that of Casino at this address: The reference of the file to be mentioned is this: CA2022400785. Do not forget to attach your receipt, or a bank receipt. For further details, it is possible to call the store reception on 05 45 22 44 00. The communication department indicates that the brand “apologize” to its customers and invites them to come to the reception to “benefit from a commercial gesture”.

As for Laëtitia, she is now waiting for an expert from her insurance to examine her vehicle. “ But the insurance told me she was going to pay “, she concludes.

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