The horoscope for Sunday January 22, 2023

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1st decan, Mercury no longer plays the police, your mind is free as a bird and you will use your mental strength to motivate yourself for a challenge to face. It may be a sporting challenge and you will be fully motivated to win it. A word of advice: don’t spend all this very motivating energy at the start, rather try to manage it, to save it to have some in reserve.


It is surely your need for comfort and inner peace that will motivate you to tackle your accounting. You’ll get the satisfaction of a job well done, and that’s always a relaxing factor. You said to yourself “I have to do this today”, and you motivated yourself to do it. 2nd decan, do not hesitate to express your opinions, you will not be contradicted.


You could have an activist side today! In any case, what will motivate you the most is the idea of ​​being able to send a message. But do it gently if possible: getting angry, being aggressive, will just show that you are emotional and not rational (1st decan). 3rd decan, the Venus/Saturn encounter can represent loneliness as much as help you consolidate your relationship.


1st decan, it is possible that you were too sensitive to the influence of a loved one, and that today you resent them; say what you think, but wear gloves. Maybe we felt that you were more fragile than usual? 3rd decan, the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn takes place in your money sector: apparently you are lacking at the moment. But that will change.


Also in Aquarius, the Moon will be well connected to Mars today and this will give you the niaque. Probably to win a game, or win a competition. With the understanding that this can be physical or mental, i.e. you can fight physically to complete a challenge, or mentally to convince others to adopt your view of the world.


The situation will strongly encourage you to impose an order or rules on those around you, and more especially on your teenagers, whose bedroom is a battlefield. If you don’t have children, you’ll be very motivated by the idea of ​​tidying up your home, whether it’s your cupboards, your mail or other documents. You will breathe better afterwards!


Several planets are in harmony with you on this Sunday, and you will feel ready to practice your favorite sport or invest in your hobby. Often your favorite pastime is artistic in nature: painting, drawing, exhibitions, etc. You will be very motivated today, perhaps because there will be a somewhat special, unusual event.


The Venus/Saturn meeting has been active for two or three days and it impacts your 3rd decan, which seems to have no taste for anything. The departure of Saturn is for very soon. Only those born after November 16 are sensitive to it now, and you won’t hear about Saturn after March 7. His first dissonance after this one will be in 6-7 years… But always look at your ascendant.


The fastest to attack or defend, it will be you today! You will have a strong motivation not to let your partner or a loved one do you. Moreover, 1st decan, you have been annoyed by the opposition of Mars for several days (it could also be a virus that gives you a fever), and very fortunately this conjuncture is about to end (the 30th ).


If you are from the 3rd decan, you have good reason to deplore a drop in income, but rest assured, it will not last beyond the month of March. Indeed, Saturn has been impacting your money sector for more than a year, something must have happened (lockdown?) which has devalued your activity and you are struggling to recover. 2023 will be the year of renewal, 2024 too!


It will be a question of motivation today, because you will have tons of it to accomplish a job or an activity that you have planned and that will give you pleasure. The 1st decan is the most affected by this surge of energy due to this mental motivation. It can also be very useful if you play sports or compete: convince yourself that you can win.


Your mission today, if you accept it, is to give others, especially your loved ones, enough energy and motivation to finish what they start. It’s not won, it’s Sunday and it is possible that you will be sent for a walk. But the situation says that it is in your best interest to remain firm and not let yourself be pushed around. For the benefit of your loved ones!

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