The famous sriracha sauce will soon disappear from the shelves of your supermarkets

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Huy Fong Foods, maker of the iconic Sriracha hot sauce, has warned of a shortage of its condiment this summer.

The red bottle with the iconic green cap may soon disappear from supermarket shelves. The American group Huy Fong, which produces the famous sauce, announced in a press release that the pepper harvest had been poor, due to the climate and extreme weather conditions.

“Something We Can’t Predict”

“It’s a culture thing, something we can’t predict,” Donna Lam, the company’s chief operating officer, told our Los Angeles Times colleagues. but this year is much worse.” Due to the lack of chillies, the shortage of this famous sauce is expected to last, at least, until September.

Indeed, the Huy Fong company has already announced that it does not plan to deliver Sriracha sauce before the start of the next school year.

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