The extension of the energy check is coming: who are the 12 million French people who will be entitled to it?

The government announced in September the establishment of a second energy check to help the most modest households in the face of inflation. It will soon arrive in 12 million people.

Inflation still and until when? Faced with the impossibility of predicting the future, the government had taken the lead and announced last September the establishment of an exceptional energy check to help the most modest French people to cope with the increase in the cost of electricity. ‘electricity.

The latter, the amount of which should range from 100 to 200 euros, thus incorporates the new version of the tariff shield version 2023. It will be added to the energy check which already exists and which is sent during the second quarter.

Who can benefit from it?

Usually reserved for just over 5.8 million people, the extension of the energy check will this time concern nearly 12 million French people. This is 40% of the most modest households, twice as many as usual.

However, it is conditional on income. To benefit from it, it is mandatory to declare your income and it is your reference tax income (RFR) for year n-1 that will be taken into account. 2021 therefore, calculated on the basis of 2020 income, details Le Parisien.

For French people whose RFR is less than 10,800, the amount of the check will be 200 euros. For others and up to 17,400 euros, it will be halved, i.e. €100

When will it be sent?

The check will be sent automatically provided that the scale above is respected. It takes the form of a secure document with a unique number. It can then be sent to your energy supplier along with your bill.

The timetable is not yet clearly posted but the government indicates that the payments will begin in December.

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