the Equerre d’argent 2022 rewards the Charles-Nègre media library in Grasse

It was at the Charles-Nègre media library that went, on Monday, November 21, the 40th Equerre d’argent, this prize organized each year by the magazines CMA and The monitor. Created for the city of Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes) by the Beaudoin and Ivry Serres agencies, the building fits into the very dense context of the old town, overlooking the water reservoir that supplies the center, and offers it a large and bright public space. Covered with a screen of bright white columns that serve as sunscreens, it shines in this underprivileged neighborhood and dialogues with its architecture.

“A lesson in architecture”

The jury was full of praise for this exceptional project, ” out of time », « of mad poetry », « who will play an important role in the neighborhood “. Mainly composed of architects, chaired by the famous professor and theoretician of architecture Jacques Lucan, it saw ” an architectural lesson “. Admiration for its complex structure which multiplies the shading overhangs, for the links it offers between the interior and the exterior, for its vaulted volumes all in length, for the dialogue it establishes with the other monuments height of the district – if it is built in concrete, it is to meet the constraints of this seismic site, and to support these formidable overhangs, it was specified, to prevent criticism… Enthusiasm for a ” everyday object » which responds to all the challenges, be they climatic, constructive and social, and produces what must be called a harmony, which one of the jurors defined as « what makes us happy “.

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A great way to celebrate architecture. This enthusiasm shared by the members of the jury reflects the quality of the projects they discussed. And more particularly the commitment and maturity encountered in young architects. Struck by the files presented in the “first work” section, they praised the propensity of these young project managers to question the programs, to go beyond the commission, to reinterpret it, detecting there a “real breath” and “a hope for the profession”. The prize went to a pedestrian footbridge created by Nu Architecture et Ingénierie for the town of Brides-les-Bains, in Savoie. The nursery school created by Studio Rijsel for the town of Vendegies-sur-Ecaillon, in the North, received a special mention. The presence of the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul-Malak, at the ceremony, Monday evening 21, at the Théâtre Le 13e Art in Paris, could only comfort the jury.

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